Lucifer, or Satan, is the former ruler of Hell before the arrival of the Red Goddess. He is only mentioned throughout the game.


God's first creation and once favorite angel, Lucifer is the ruler of Hell, punisher and watcher of damned souls. But long after the Red Goddess arrived in Hell, she helped the Devil create the rest of Hell; only for her to deceive him and further imprisoned by her. She then dismantled parts of Lucifer territory and created her own version of Hell.


Lucifer was once God's first loved angel, the highest ranking angel, and was God's protector of Heaven. But his pride made him corrupted and his arrogance to refuse to bow down to lesser beings (the humans). And has cost his honor as an archangel to an corrupted one archangel to be imprisoned in the underworld for all eternity.


Lucifer was once the archangel/celestial being of Heaven and was the first creation that God has made. However Lucifer lets his pride corrupt him and disobeys his own creator; refusing to bow to mankind and rebelling against God, has made his own creator strike him down so hard that Lucifer fell to Hell. Making his beauty and angelic powers striped away during the fall. Lucifer now is imprisoned in Hell and remains as an ruler of Hell, and watcher of damned souls for all eternity.


  • Lucifer was mentioned numerous times by the damned souls. As some speculated that he and the Red Goddess are lovers, but has not known that Lucifer is missing in Hell.
  • Baphomet mentioned Nimrod that his soul belongs to the Dark Lord (known as Lucifer) and not to the Red Goddess. However it is unknown if Baphomet knows where or what happened to Lucifer.
  • It isalso unknown if the Red Goddess has had an relationship with Lucifer or not while "helping" him build Hell before stealing a part of it from him.
  • Agony devs also have teased a possible sequel that talks about Satan and the Black City, from where he rules, that may show how Lucifer met the Red Goddess and etc. It is unknow who the protagonst may be. Source:ttps:// 1st comment.

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