God is a Primordial Being; Creator of the Universe, Angels and Mankind. Though not physically seen, He is only mentioned per notes and by Martyrs from Agony.


Not much was described of God, but he was the former Nemesis to Nimrod. God worried of Nimrods need for power, and the danger he will bring among his creation. He brought down a plague to make Nimrod fear his power, but Nimrod was not affected by Gods power; it only made Nimrod outraged that God does not come down and face him. It is unknown if God knows of the Red Goddess or what her intention was. But it is known that during the great flood, it buried the kingdom along with its darkest secret along with it...


God is an primordial being that created the universe along with other primordial beings. He is an caring, yet sincere being, he created humanity and given them the independence to make there own fate rather than controlling there fate. He does show sympathy and worries for humanity from evil forces trying to destroy what he created.


God is an unknown being that either is a man, she or it. Nothing is certain of what Gods gender or appearance may be. But most of the Bible, Testaments, and Revelations describe God as he.

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