The Garments of Adam are collectables that (if all collected) can grant access to the Nimrod ending.


The Garments of Adam were once belong to Adam the first Man to walk the earth. But it is currently worn by Nimrod...

The Question remains... why does Nimrod have these?


Necklace of Adam

Can be found in chapter 1, after completing the Mind Maze, there will be a woman that is blocked behind some sort of blockade, she sits there hitting herself or banging her head on the wall. To reach her, you must obtain a torch and burn the thorns that are nearby an man that is crushed by a large rock. After passing the thorns, there should be a room that has a small hole, go through and you should find a painting. Examine the painting and return to the woman with the Necklace, and the blockade is removed. You can either kill her and take the necklace or possess her to obtain the necklace.

Armlets of Adam

Can be found in chapter 2, after consulting with the Red Goddess and been thrown to the land below, head to the large statue ahead where there is a large amount of damned men worshiping it. There would be a left pathway that leads to 2 extra landscapes. But be careful, there is a fallen tree and is pretty dense, so watch your step and don't fall. After that there would be a man with a mask and the Armlets. As the same with the Necklace you can decide how to obtain it with the following two options.

Crown of Adam

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Robe of Adam

Can be found in chapter 3, in the near end of chapter 3, there should be a nearly upside down palace with an checkpoint ahead. Go up and ahead you should see a man with the Robe. As usual, your choice on how you want to obtain the Robe.

Sandals of Adam

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